Don’t disturb

Ok, so here’s the story: my partner is not on Facebook and does not agree with having his picture there, so this is pretty much the only picture of him that has ever landed on my wall. At least I do not recall of any other photo of him that might have made its way on the above mentioned site.
I took this picture one evening while out for a walk, camera in hand. We were actually out to check in on the birds that spent the summer in our area. I wanted to see if they were still around and meant to come back over the weekend to try my hand at taking pictures of birds. That never happened, obviously, but it’s a good thing we took that walk because I ended up with two pictures of my non-bird partner that could be shown to people under special circumstances – 1. only people who have never met him shall see them and 2. the identity of the person shall be revealed only if the question is asked.
Since we haven’t met in person, I guess everybody here qualifies, therefore click, oooops, one picture is up! Shhh.

(I actually posted this photo because I accidentally came across it today and thought it was cool :))


Viva YUL!

A snapshot of downtown from far, far away. Some 30km away. This is what you can create when you use your car roof as a tripod. Pretty impressive if you’re asking me; and I am not talking about the picture itself, but what technology is able of doing these days.

Living on a small island close to a big island is not only about crossing bridges and being stuck in traffic on you way home everyday. Well, it is, mostly:) But I quickly forget about all the trouble when I am looking for a nice place to shoot at night.

Gotta love the city (from a distance, ok).

The park is mine!

A Saturday walk in the park. Since it was snowing heavily and I do not own a camera protection case or something along those lines, I decided to put my camera back in the bag and take out my phone instead. Of course it’s not the highest quality these pictures will be remembered for, but the park and the falling snow were too beautiful not to be captured. I mean really, these might be some of the very few winter pictures I will ever own; my hand are always frozen in the winter. Summer too if I think about it. Not very practical for an aspiring photographer.

Sit back and enjoy! (I sure hope you’re somewhere warm)