Wow! I received an award!

Oleee, oleeee
My fall leaves photo has received an award on Viewbug!!!!
If you dont know what Viewbug is, check it out @ It is a photography contests site I check almost daily which contains a lot of cool photos; highly recommended. I actually use it as a learning tool. My name on the site is Miki, you can check out my gallery if you’re curious, but I recommend it for the diversity of photography styles which will probably help a lot of newbies like myself decide what type of photography is for them.


Little winter flowers

See this plant? You think it’s pretty?
It might be pretty, but above all, it is lucky. Lucky to be around, that is. I have tried to get rid of it numerous times and it kept growing back year after year, more vigurous every time. Now, looking at this picture, I am just glad it did, to be honest. It looks good in the snow 🙂 And there are not that many plants that have survived the cold, strong winds, lots of snow, winter storms, etc, etc, so I guess it deserves to stay one more year; otherwise what will I photograph next winter?