Beach Photography

Aaaah, I love beaches!
Consider the following. Weather forecast for tomorrow – snow. Weather forecast for the following 6 months – snow.
Depression is in the air, but hey, I have some (almost) decent beach pictures to go through to keep me alive. I have been thinking about how I never got to organize my vacation photos for a while now and I was ready to make a bet this was never going to happen in this life, but then again, on a night like this I am thinking “Thank God for bosses that keep you busy” how else would I get to play around with beach photos months after the fact and feel like it only happened yesterday? It’s time to act. Now.
Beach photography, I love you so! 🙂



Long time no see around here.
Old news by now – “selfie” has been declared 2013 word of the year. Oxford dictionary defines it as “a photograph that one has taken of oneself, typically one taken with a smartphone or webcam and uploaded to a social media website”.
I love words, so to mark the occasion I am posting a picture I took not long ago right after it rained on one of the plants growing by the stairs outside my front door. I still call it a selfie even though it was taken with a DSLR and not a smartphone camera. I hope you agree with my theory – you can see me in the big droplet, therefore it is a picture of me taken by myself. Add to that the fact that it has already made its way on Facebook. In a word – a true selfie!