Cherry Tree Blossom

Lots of pictures of this tiny cherry tree lately. Not surprising I would say, it’s enough to take a look outside and realize that we might never actually get to see this in real life.
Spring photography is the new way to fight depression 🙂
Photo taken inside, but can’t wait to be able to reproduce this outside.


Shadows and Color

Anther sign of spring, even though it’s only here on this blog. I have only slightly edited this picture (white balance and contrast a bit, the shadows are all original. The palm behind the little cherry tree in blossom in my house makes for an interesting background, at least in this picture. Nature plus nature equals love, right? What not use it in my pictures?

Bye bye winter, hello spring

Warning: This title is misleading. Totally misleading.

As spring is still far, very far away from where I live I thought I would post some pictures I took this weekend when I casually went down to the basement and found this little blooming tree (which lived there for the winter). Yes, a blooming tree. I got so excited that I took about 500 pictures of one single tree over one weekend only 🙂 Pretty intense, but if you still woke up at -20 celsius in late March, this would probably not seem that crazy.
So blooming trees photography, here we go. Spring like photos coming out one by one.