Snowdrop wannabes

So this is the thing – I get excited by snowdrops! I actually love them. They used to be the first sign of life at the end of winter, so that was a big deal. We also used to offer them as gifts. I think that was in fact a very nice thing to give to someone – they are beautiful, they represent new beginnings, they are simple yet sophisticated. I always thought of them as a symbol of strength – just think about it, they are so tiny, yet they come out first, before much stronger plants.
Anyway, long story short, I have been looking for snowdrops around here for a few years and have never seen any. I found these wannabes while taking a walk in the park today. They are not real snowdrops, they are the closest thing to snowdrops I have been able to find here so far, which is good enough for me. They too are nice, come out nicely in photos, so what more can I ask for? I will keep looking though. For the time being enjoy wannabe snowdrops photography 🙂


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