Baby it’s cold outside!

Brrrrrrr! Have been neglecting the blog for a while, but I am now back with some winter photography stuff. Took a lot of courage to go out in the cold, but since it has snowed so much this past week why not make the best of it? In spite of that no, no, no voice in my head, I decided to go out and take advantage of the white scenery. The historical park is looking good even in winter, truth be told. And taking pictures with gloves on is quite an experience. By the way, in the end they had to go.

It’s funny when you think about it – lots of people would give anything to have a white Christmas, I would give anything to have someone come take me and drop me off to some place where the background is green. Or blue – ocean anyone? Or gold – sand in my shoes? OK, it can be white, it’s ok, as long as it’s white sand, I’ll take it 🙂

Winter photography is white; no matter what kind of white.