Tiny Moon – Beach Photography

Look what we have here! A tiny, tiny moon over a spectacular beach in the Caribbean. The perfect place for an evening stroll on Christmas Eve. What can you add to make this perfect? Pretty much nothing. Truth be told, it probably helps if you bring along your good lenses, for sure they don’t take pictures alone at home while you’re walking on the beachΒ thousand km away, do they? Oh well … maybe they’ll have more luck next time.

Till then, let’s enjoy the image of this tiny moon, shining modestly over the ocean and the cute gazebo in the background. And imagine the beautiful stories and countless “I do”s this place has probably witnessed.



Dramatic Caribbean Sky

Let me scene the scene first. December, 30 degrees, sun, ocean, sand and laughter. Actually I think those are the things I should probably post since those are the things normal people share with friends once back from vacation. I have indeed many of those and it is always hard to choose which vacation picture I like the most, is it the ocean waves washing off an amazing beach, is it the white sand between my toes, is it the huge crystal clear pool or those cute palapas against the nicest sunset? All fabulous in their own right. There is however something else that stayed with me. I have seen other beaches and they were all nice, the turquoise water is amazing everywhere. Sunsets on the beach … let’s not even go there. Beautiful places and unforgettable moments.

Instead, I chose to post a picture which is not even focused. Is it technically ok? Nope. Does that matter? Nope. It doesn’t because it really represents an experience I will never forget. A bus ride to remember. I usually hate bus rides, but there I was, sitting by the window, excited to discover new places and ready to capture it all. But this time there was more. I was falling in love. I was falling in love with this place and I was trying to take it all in. And then I became afraid – what if I don’t remember all the details? What if I end up forgetting things and then projecting a representation I built? Oh no. I didn’t want this happen, so out came the camera again. Did I ever think, oh my, the bus is moving, how do I focus properly? There are trees along the “highway” (for lack of a better word), how do I make sure they don’t get into the frame? Is my white balance ok? Not even one of these things crossed my mind, it was just click, click, click. All I wanted to catch on camera was that amazing sky, forget focus, the rule of thirds, forget any rule in fact. Just freeze that moment in time and take it home with me. I wanted to make it mine.