Natural Light Photography, let’s get back together

It’s that time of the year other people call spring for which we don’t have a specific word yet – it is too hard to classify. I mean how can you really classify the following: river across the street still frozen in April, backyard still covered by a few layers of dirty snow in April, getting out in below zero temperatures in the morning in April, frozen hands, feet, ears and nose every time I leave the house in April and the list could go on. In April.

Although I should be able to shoot this image outside, the only thing I can show you right now would be too depressing. Instead I am going to populate this page with an image I shot last year which somehow hasn’t made it to the blog so far.

Natural light photography don’t give up on me just yet, spring and better light are apparently on the way!Β There’s hope we will get back together soon. Cause I don’t know about you, but I really missed you πŸ˜€