Spring Photography Overload. Was to be expected, really.

I love surprises, but no surprise here. To build on my last post, and based on my shooting habits that rarely take shape elsewhere except around my home, you’d think I am not able to manipulate this darn camera elsewhere, I am afraid the blog is about to become the digital (trash)can lol where all spring photos go (to die maybe?). But hey, what the heck? They have to go somewhere after all, don’t they?

I have a few hundred of them, which makes it a bit hard to choose, hence the overload that’s expected to hit this space for a while. Then I’ll try to move on to a different theme.

So, without much ado, let’s get down to business! Photography business.



And yes, you guessed it, it’s that time of the year

Oh wow, finally sat down at the computer and opened the blog page. Victory! I actually think I should beย celebrating with some vino right now, this is becoming such a rarity that it calls for some $10,000 bottle of bubbly stuff, not wine. I should be sitting here glass of champagne in hand. No, I should be typing this from a super expensive foam filled bath glass of champagne by my side. But since that’s not gonna happen anytime soon, let’s get to business. The photography business.

I think I might have developed an obsession. I have always loved flowers and nature, I love being surrounded by green (in nature, otherwise not necessarily my favourite colour), I enjoy gardening and looking at floral arrangements, but I have never imagined I would get to experience physical pain from photographing a single tree branch for a few hours. I love blooming stuff. The more I think about it, the higher the chances of this space getting filled exclusively with photos of blooming stuff. I had almost promised myself I was going to diversify once I get to expand my shooting territory, which for now includes my home and my yard. And occasionally the neighbourhood historic park.

I tried, seriously, I tried, but I somehow end up shooting blooming stuff around my home irrespective of what the initial plan was. I want to photograph people, I end up shooting blooming stuff at home. I want to photograph landscapes, I end up shooting blooming stuff at home. I want to photograph interesting buildings, I end up shooting blooming stuff at home. Wait till the day I think I am about to shoot a wedding and end up at home. Or a birth session loooool.

So here’s a peak at what I have been doing these days and somehow managed not to get picked up by an ambulance called by neighbours getting worried I might be out of my mind to spend a few good hoursย bent over a tiny tree branch. Thank God it was warm outside, so everyone focused on more pleasant stuff other than watching me inert for hours.