Paradise Found – beach photography

I am someone who is known to be a bit intense when it comes to stuff I like or hate; if I love something, I tend to make sure people around me know it, if I hate something, people around me end up knowing it too. I tend to immediately know what I love and what I hate, but the thing is I sometimes find it just too difficult to know what I like. Sweet souls having experienced immediate love for a pair of shoes in the store only to have second thoughts right after bringing them home certainly understand. Just like they will probably understand why that yellow Italian leather bag has to come home with us the moment we spot it in the store in spite of the $400 price tag. That sweet “OMG we need to be together and nothing can keep us apart” feeling
You know, that feeling that can get quite intense in spite of our efforts to keep calm and breathe. Recently my heart skipped a few beats the first time I saw the place pictured above. I am not much of a drinker, but I do enjoy a good wine or a funky looking cocktail, so every now and then a bar makes its way on my “favourite places to be” list. Pair those cocktails with a beautiful, beautiful beach, AMAZING music playing in the background, the best (human) company I could ask for and you get the image of the place that made my heat stop for a second. Love at first sight.

This time around, I think I found paradise.


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