Mushrooms – Halloween photography

I often say I would move to a hot place in a heart beat and never look back, but I have to admit that since I’ve started taking pictures on a more regular basis – yeah right, three times a year can qualify as regular – the constant change of seasons has grown on me. I still hate winter and that will NEVER change.

The different colors, textures, smells are indeed interesting, but I have started noticing something that would probably,most likely, go unnoticed  before. Light. I love how different seasons have an impact on light. And although summer is still my favourite season of them all, light on a sunny, warm fall day is my favourite kind of light. Not only because it looks good in pictures, but also because it makes the sky look amazing. And I am a BIG sky lover.

Every year, around September my yard is taken over by a mushroom invasion, which is so cool because I don’t really have time to go places to take photos. Having them in the yard gives me so many opportunities to practise and play with different camera settings. I have a growing collection of mushroom photos taken these last years, I am even thinking about maybe gathering them together and doing something like a mushroom series because I find they look better together. They are the same mushrooms each year, yet look so different every time. Although there is nothing amazing about them in the sense they are the boring, common type growing all over the place, I still think they look so pretty.

So in the meantime, very likely to be something like a few years based on how much time I put into photography, here’s one I took this year. Halloween is coming up, too. What would be a more appropriate image to start the Halloween 2015 season than a spooky mushroom photo?

I am a bit late, I know, supermarkets have already started getting out the Halloween stuff in July, but I will eventually catch up 🙂



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