Social is fun, solitude is better – beach photography

Just tell someone you don’t have Facebook and they will probably think you are a bit of a weirdo. Who doesn’t have Facebook in this day and age, right? That’s where we get our news, declare love for one another, document our daily calories intake, keep up with gossip and encourage people to get out and vote. Fair enough. Nothing wrong with any of this.I do this all the time and I am still sane.

While on vacation recently I realized that FOMO (fear of missing out) is real and I am one of the many people suffering from it. In spite of the fact I am generally not that interested in what other people do with their lives, you know, how they go about their daily routine and stuff like that, I confess I found it very difficult to stay away from my phone’s screen even though the scenery was picture perfect and everything around me was basically everything I think I want from life – ocean sounds, blue skies, no pollution, cocktails miraculously finding their way to my chair, loved person by my side, no deadlines and plenty of light (I hate darkness). Perfection. Wifi on the beach? The cherry on the cake.

Being a fan of beach walking, I walked for hours everyday and I eventually reached no wifi land. NO wifi? Does that even exist for real? Not in my world. Panic. I need to focus on nature. I need to take my fingers away from the screen. Close to impossible. Why and how did I get here? Will I ever survive?

Actually, I did. And this is what I saw. Is it better than super photoshopped pics making it hard to recognize “friends” in? By far. Is this healthier than staring at a screen all day long? Sure thing. Does it allow me to simply exist and think of important/pleasant/funny/serious stuff that matters to me alone and not anyone else? Oh yes.

This place, that exists for real, allowed me to exist. It allowed me to simply be. It was finally just me with myself and that was enough. I was enough.


PS I am not quitting Facebook anytime soon, but I realized that sometimes although social is good, solitude is better. And I will try to revisit it more often.