Undercover – wedding photography

Oh yeah, that time I went on vacation to enjoy the beach and ended up shooting other people’s weddings? It totally happened. And it happened fast, before I could regain control of myself 🙂

I researched the hotel online before buying the tickets and knew it is quite a popular destination for weddings, so I was kind of hoping to see a couple or two getting married from a distance, or so I thought, because I was curious to observe the wedding photographers and how they go about shooting a wedding. I got to the beach on the first day and noticed the wedding gazebo or whatever they call it was located in a very accessible place, right next to the beach chairs. It also just happens that we sat right next to them the whole time we were there. I thought at least some of the area will be sort of cordoned off somehow on wedding days. Who wouldn’t want a bit of privacy for such a special event? You know, a little bit of space to share with family and friends but not sunbathing crowds, who by the way, seem to be attracted to weddings like bears to honey. I even expected to find “our” chairs removed so as not to interfere with the event/landscape. See, I like to think that I am beginning to look at things with a photographer’s eye (wannabe photographer, obviously) and I wouldn’t have liked to see beach chairs in the frame had I been a real photographer.

Anyway, long story short, here I was on the beach one day when I noticed movement around us. I thought this is it, they are decorating the place and then will probably bring in some screen or something to kind of define the wedding space a little better and create a bit of separation for the event. Tables, glasses, DJ equipment, everything was brought out but the screens never made it to the beach. People wearing actual clothes (as opposed to the rest of us) made their appearance. Music starts, people stand up, here comes the broom, here comes the bride, wait, the wedding is happening right now.

I used the second chair from the gazebo the entire week, so I felt like I was really part of these weddings. And how can you be indifferent when you’re right there in the middle of the action and also happen to have your camera on hand? And so this is how I got to actually photograph other people’s weddings without ever being invited to them and without them even knowing. For the record, I was not intrusive and I was not the only one 🙂