Mexican Sunset – travel photography

Look who’s back here, peeps! Can I get an amen, because you are witnessing a miracle.

Wow, it’s been over a year. Memory would be something I could almost brag about in the old days, but something must have happened to my brain in the meantime, I think I forgot I had a blog. But I’m here. Now, I am hearing voices reminding me we’ve been here before. Been here, heard that. Can’t argue with that. I have been on and off, I mean actually mostly off if I’m being honest, but never away for over a year. I even think I said I was back for real a couple of times; it obviously did not materialize. I was joking. (Yeah right)

This is actually both funny and sad. I remembered I had a blog when I wanted to show someone a certain photo and this was the only place I had published it. So I remembered the photo, I remembered I had it up on the blog, but could not remember the name of the blog. Sad state to find myself in. Back in the day when I was an early adopter, I actually started a blog, many, many years ago. Then years later, I started this one for fun. Long story short, I totally ignored both and I got mixed up and didn’t remember which platform I used for which blog. I mean this says a lot about the present state of mind of an otherwise formerly intelligent person.

Now that I found my blog, I will really try to nurture it. I hope to get around to typing words in this space more often, I still don’t dare say the r word (as in regularly), but I am taking baby steps.

What’s been happening in the meantime? Nothing really notable, been to a few places, done a few things, learned a few thing along the way (hopefully) and went to work every morning, like the good kid I try to be.

I say let’s get this party (re)started, too much talk and not enough action. Since vacations are my favorite non human thing, let’s revisit a place I really, really love – Caribbean vibes, anyone? This has got to be one of my favorite photos from my latest trip to the beautiful city of Cancun. The first time I stayed on the Strip, I was a bit sad we didn’t get ocean view. And then something like this happened and I loved the world again. Couldn’t wait to go back last month, I knew this is what my evenings would look like. Forget sunrises on the ocean, enjoy sunsets on the lagoon, they’re at least as good, if not better. I have proof 🙂

Enjoy and hope to cross paths here again sooner than later,



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