American Woman – reflections photography

I love double  and multiple exposure. I just love how two or more totally different things come together in such as mysterious way in a single image. I would stare at them and try to separate them mentally and imagine what every individual picture might look like alone. Still, I have never created a double or multiple exposure myself. Somehow, I just can’t decide what would go well with what.

Since I like the intricacy of the final product but haven’t got around experimenting with double exposures, I have been trying to capture shadows and reflections in ways that would make separate things look interesting in a single image. I might have gone overboard as of late – especially on vacation when I could be seen taking photos of windows around the resort all day long while normal people were taking pictures of the ocean, the beach, themselves or fancy dinner plates.

The nicest thing is when things just happen for you and you’re just there click, click, click. Done. I was trying to photograph this mannequin in a store window in New York. Now, this has nothing to do with my personality or style hahaha, but I liked how American she looked. Full sun on a scorching summer day downtown New York, not ideal for taking photos of windows because all you get is just a blown up image of nothing. And that’s when you either give up and move on or use a friend to strike a pose. And that’s how you get this. Sweet!

So next time you see a nice window, strike a pose and see what you get. It could be beautiful.



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