Lots of white – winter photography

It’s March. Which around here would translate to “it’s snow storm time”. Around 50cm of it to be precise.

Went out to get some photos of beautiful white snow – I am calling snow beautiful, wow – and came across this tiny icicle. Pretty cute. There is so much white outside, and I’ve been seeing white for so long now, it stood out right away.

While photographing it I remembered how excited we were as kids when we managed to get our hands on icicles. And we had good reasons to feel that way. It was either the end of a long wait, we were kids and not very tall, so we would be waiting for them to fall down for a while or a sign of improving climbing skills – climbing stairs, fences, trees, windows, cars. So it was a definite win for us in either case.

This time the situation is different – instead of hanging from the roof, the icicle was sticking out from a thick layer of snow. Piece of cake. I win!!!!!


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